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The KAEFER Strategy

KAEFER is a dif­fer­ent kind of com­pany. We achieve our suc­cess and that of our cli­ents by con­stantly ask­ing ourselves how we can im­prove things, how we can do things in new, more ef­fi­cient ways and how we can ful­fil our vis­ion to elim­in­ate the en­ergy waste. We fol­low a strategy of be­ing Re­cog­nised, more Ef­fi­cient and Dif­fer­ent. Sounds simple enough, does­n’t it. But there’s ac­tu­ally quite a bit be­hind it.


We already en­joy an ex­cel­lent repu­ta­tion. But in the spirit of con­tinu­ous im­prove­ment that per­vades all of our activ­it­ies, we want to do even bet­ter. Our cli­ents are at the centre of everything we do. That's where the ‘R’ comes in. It’s the res­ult of our ef­forts to be more ef­fi­cient and dif­fer­ent. And it’s about con­stantly im­prov­ing and strength­en­ing our solu­tions and ser­vices in in­su­la­tion, ac­cess, sur­face pro­tec­tion, pass­ive fire pro­tec­tion & re­fract­ory and in­terior out­fit­ting.


In­creas­ing ef­fi­ciency is a core part of our cor­por­ate vis­ion. Be­cause that is one of the best ways in which we can elim­in­ate the en­ergy waste. That's the ‘E’ in RED. And by im­ple­ment­ing lean man­age­ment throughout our or­gan­isa­tion, we can get closer to mak­ing our vis­ion a real­ity.


A pi­on­eer­ing spirit is at the heart of KAE­FER’s unique way of think­ing, act­ing and work­ing. And that's one of the things that en­com­passes the ‘D’ in RED – how we're dif­fer­ent. In­nov­a­tion and con­tinu­ous im­prove­ment cre­ates value for our cli­ents and em­ploy­ees. And it also con­trib­utes to our vis­ion – to elim­in­ate the en­ergy waste.

By em­bra­cing and en­cour­aging the de­vel­op­ment of new meth­ods and tech­no­lo­gies throughout the KAEFER world, we will dif­fer­en­ti­ate ourselves even fur­ther.